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Many people suffer from allergies. Allergies can cause many different symptoms ranging from a skin problem,  to something that makes them have colds or flu symptoms, or makes them feel run down or gives them head ache like symptoms.

Times have changed over the years we are using more and more chemicals in our everyday lives. Fir trees have taken over from the good old British Oak and Elm trees. We are washing more frequently - whether it is our bodies or our clothes. There are also radiation and magnetic forces coming from electrical items all around the home and work place. 

Another option 

 By use of a pendulum yes or no answers can be given.

I have carried out in the region of 11,000 tests, using the pendulum to dowse.

This is now available to the world as I am carrying out test via ebay (SHOP LINK )

If you wish to have a test or have any questions,  please do not hestitate to contact me.

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