My Training

Bowen Therapy

Qualified with ECBS 15th October 1999

14 hours Practice and Theory  ECBS 17th June 2000

7 hours Practice and Theory ECBS December 2001

14 hours Practice and Theory ECBS 17th February 2006

Advanced level 1 ECBS 22nd April 2008

14 hours Practice and Theory ECBS 24th April 2008

Body Pathways for advanced level ECBS 28th November 2009

14 hours Practice and Theory 25th April 2010 Bowen 2010 Conference

14 hours  Post graduate training in Smart Bowen Therapy Advanced Bowen Pressure points and lymph drainage 01-05-2011

14 Hours Assessment Workshop ECBS 11th March 2012

European College of Bowen Studies Teacher training 2013

Dowsing and Stress Release

With Mrs Joy Lange 20th September 1998

Anatomy and Physiology and Massage

Qualified with ITEC June 2001

Feng Shui

AMANF 15th November 2000


I attend meetings  events and practice sessions with the West Wales Dowsers


First Degree USUI Shiki Ryoho 28 January 2001

First Aid at Work

Red Cross 18th September 1997

Red Cross  2000

Red Cross  2003

St Johns 14th October 2006

Red Cross 13th October 2009

Pembrokeshire First Aid 2012



Bowen Therapy Bowen Technique

Allergy Testing

Stress Release

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